Brielle grew up in the midst of a hard environment. Despite her grandfather being a victor, she grew up in the back streets of District 6, as he killed himself with a morphling overdose when Brielle was no older than 2. She grew up amongst illegal activities, due to having no stable family. Her mother committed suicide when she was ten, with her father following soon after due to his alcoholic tendencies. Though she was only 11 when she was left alone in the world, she managed to hold her own among the slums of 6, making friends with criminals.  She moved into a house full of orphans that wanted to make it on their own, with only one woman looking after them. Petty theft became her way to keep herself alive, stealing parts off the cars they made and pickpocketing jewels and money off victors. The peacekeepers never managed to find out where exactly the criminals were based, though they knew who most of them were. There was always a lot of grief in the air amongst the young criminals who grouped themselves together, as the peacekeepers were always hunting them, and sometimes managed to kill one of the group. When the announcement of the quell came along, Brielle knew almost immediately that she’d be picked. She was almost certain that the Capitol knew she was a criminal, and she knew that putting her in the games would be their form of getting rid of her. She couldn’t evade them that way.  

Brielle doesn’t take any crap, but she’s nice to people who’re nice to her. Once she warms up to people, she opens up. Otherwise she can be cold and brittle to people. She doesn’t have many friends, other than the orphans she lives and works with, but she’s more than willing to make friends with people who she deems as trustworthy. She can be a good judge of character once she gets to know someone, but she sometimes makes wrong assumptions.

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