Everett Currents grew up in the good side of town. Not that there was much of a ‘bad side’ of town but there was at least a bit. On the good side of town, there was a small village for the Victors and two houses from the right was the blue one that the Currents lived in. She was the eldest of five and took her older sister role very seriously. Everett’s parents were well enough off, having middle-of-the-road income and power. Her mother was a supporting geologist that specialized in mineralogy and her father was a system analyst in the plant. This made Everett very serious and motivated at school, hoping to eventually be able to excel in the power plants that covered all of Five.

Everett always had big dreams because her parents told her that she could really do anything but some would think otherwise. Her intelligence overpowered much of her personality which made her come off as cold and uninviting. In her mind, unintelligent people weren’t really worth her time or effort because it was only their fault that they couldn’t keep up. Everett’s strengths tended to be math because of her father but she also grew up in the woods because of her mother’s passion for Geology.

An unspoken understanding was to never speak of her mother’s Games. She and her siblings were always curious but the mere mention of the Games would send her mother over the edge. She had never wanted to be in the Games but back then she was almost thankful for the wealth she had received as payment. Their mother married their father and together they lived a very quiet life. But no matter how much payment the Capitol sends, it doesn’t stop her mother’s nightmares at night.

Watching the Games every year made Everett angry. She was angry not only because of the injustice of it all, or the fact that her mother had suffered through it, but also because the stupidity of most of the Tributes. Everett watched them run around without much of a strategy and die quickly. She knew that if anyone with a right mind, like her mother, would go into the Games, they would certainly win. Everett had never expected that she would be one of those Tributes that would be sent into the Arena. But, her time was now. Being a Quarter Quell, the president read off the newest twist to the Hunger Games. All of a Victor’s family that was in the eligible age would be entered to be a Tribute. At Five’s reaping, Everett Lorelei Currents’ name was called. As she walked on stage, she realized she was going to be the second woman in her family to be in the Games. And no matter how much she wanted to change the happenings at the Reaping, Everett knew there was only one way out.

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